It’s been almost three years since Marsha Ambrosius dropped Friends & Lovers, but we think between this track and Don’t Wake The Baby that a new project of some kind might be one the way.

First, the track has that latter era Michael Jackson sound to it.  And, considering that era was partially shaped by Floetry it makes sense.  Harmony Samuels does an excellent job of making a production that is interesting in its own right but still a good support to the vocals of the performing artist.  The beat works well with the songstress’ vocals by providing a melodious bottom to her upper alto ranged top.  And Ambrosius sounds great.  Everything that made her such a joy to listen to on her past singles and mixtapes is here.  She has passion in her delivery and her vocals are just enough to make the song interesting without being over the top.

The song is all about finding the love of your life.  While this song could easily be about her husband, Ambrosius has also applied a few of the lyrics to Instagram pictures of her five-month-old daughter, Nyla.  While the first verse is definitely a better fit for a woman to man, we can certainly hear how some of the lines of the second verse can apply to the love between a mother and a child.  But all that matters is that listeners are going to have no problem playing this for the one they love and having the mood translate.  It’s definitely a keeper.