You would be forgiven for seeing this title and immediately thinking about Fallout Boy, but that track and this one only have titles in common.

Every Day6: May has arrived and, continuing with the more summery vibe they presented with their last release, the boys come with a happy sounding pop/rock track about letting go and enjoying the night.  The vocals are bright and happy and a good match for the energy of the music and theme.  As always the members do an excellent job of distinguishing themselves when the take their chance at lead vocals and they show some nice versatility by switching seamlessly between a harder rock vocal and a more gentle pop one.

We’ve noted in previous track reviews that many of the songs sound like they have a tonal commonality thanks to the instrumentation and the subject matter.  This track has it a lot in common with You Were Beautiful in that it has a more traditionally rock sound with the underlying tone being more pop than R&B or jazz centered (not including the interesting nod to the island sound on the second verse).  We are really curious as to how these tracks will fit together in the end, if they are actually meant to.  We’re also really interested to see how long they can keep up this quality of tracks because there hasn’t been a bad one yet.

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