It’s been just a little over a month since Dok2 dropped Reborn and surprised us with how much we liked it.  He stepped out of his trap rut without alienating fans that loved that side of him and brought that mixtape vibe that others of us loved about him a little more to the forefront.  When we saw that he was following up such a strong album so soon with another with more track, we were worried that he would fall back into that rut and erase some of that good will he’d earned.

But, instead, this feels like RebornPart II.

The biggest thing you can say about this project in comparison with the last one is that it feels like it treads more towards the pop end of the spectrum.  This is likely due to the type of beats used and not the actual content of the tracks being more heavily weighted towards the featured vocalists.  There are hardly any trap beats in this set, which may disappoint some, but Dok2 handles all the different production types well and still manages to come hard.  He continues to vary up his flow and his subject matter, something that we have really been wanting from him for a while now.  While we do hear a few places where he appears to lose the beat (there is the occasional line where he seems to stumble over the pace and come in or go out slightly too late), it’s not so frequent that it’s a song killer…though it does kind of kill the verse at times.

This also feels more of a showcase for Dok2 than Reborn did.  While he had no problem taking control of the tracks, even when there were several features onboard, this time the guests are mostly limited to the choruses and bridges with the singers coming in on occasion to drop some nice adlibs in the background of his verses.  The title track is the only one where the feature is dominant, and that because it’s an American artists and the verse is in English so it stands out more to us.

While we hope this is the last we hear from Dok2 for a while (what are the odds that lightening will strike three times), we are happy that he has expanded what we loved about his discography in the first place and given lots of new to ride to.

Our favorite tracks are It’s Gon’ ShineGoodday, and On My Way.  The most skippable tracks are Don’t Stop The Music (likely because of how similar it sounds to I Am What I Am) and Hustle Real Hard because of how off the beginning of Soulja Boy’s verse sounds in comparison to the production.