Being a new parent can be a rollercoaster of emotions…and that’s just between the parents.  Marsha Ambrosius’ latest track (possibly a demo) is about having a fight with your significant other and then wanting to get into the make-up sex; both without waking up the child in the other room.  This tracks is very upbeat and not for the faint of heart as she is pulling no punches in the lyrics.  Brash as hell, the song does not beat around the bush (no pun intended) about what the singer wants from her man.  It falls squarely in that “fun with an ounce of truth” range that can be hard for a lot of songwriters to find.

If the horns in the middle, the phrasing of the lyrics, and the vocal inflections sound a little familiar, they should.  Ambrosius wrote this song for Beyoncé (if the Auntie Solange line didn’t tip that off to you).