While we liked Lyrica Anderson’s single Hello from the EP of the same name that she released almost two years ago, we weren’t really feeling the project as a whole.  It’s not that it was bad; it was just exceedingly dark in tone and really didn’t show off her abilities to the fullest.  Now that she has gone in a slightly different direction Nasha Pearl, we are a little more interested in listening to her again.

We were really surprised at how much we liked this project, considering how much of it sounds like everything else out there.  The beats and musical construction are pretty much what you would expect from a project like this; primarily trap&B with more traditional R&B elements towards the end mixed with the ubiquitous power pop ballad and island track.  The beats are dark in overall tone, but not depressing like they were on Hello.  The sound is more seductive and vibey, which is a much better moodsetter for this time of year as we transition from rainy spring to summer.

Anderson’s vocals are always on pitch, but there are moments when she absolutely owns a song and those are her best.  Tracks like On Fire and Smartwater sound like demos she’s cutting for another artist, you just don’t feel like she’s putting her all into them.  Luckily songs like Faded To Sade and Petty have her showing and giving life in a way that makes those songs hers and not something you would like to hear someone else perform.

What saves a lot of this album is the writing.  Anderson is a very capable lyricist and it shows on every track of this project.  Even the songs that we didn’t particularly enjoy were cohesive and had some interesting lines.  She has the ability to make things sound powerful for a female artist without making it sound like she just reworded some male writer’s line.  That lends songs that have more bravado in them as coming of more genuine in tone and more realistically suited for her.

Our favorite tracks are Petty, Mean It, and the Chris Brown-assisted Faded To Sade.  The most skippable track is Switch Up due to the fact that it just don’t fit her voice and gets pretty annoying before it ends.