Lyrica Anderson has come to a realization about her relationship and it’s not a good one.  Tired of a man that she is devoting her all to who gives her almost nothing but grief in return, the singer pours her conflicted heart out in Hello.

Fusing her more melodic style with the flow that Jhené Aiko has made popular, Anderson talks about what her expectations for the relationship were and what she got instead.  Similar to the Adele track that we got today, this also seems to be centered around a woman calling a man and saying the things to his voicemail/answering machine that she couldn’t say to his face.  The production of the track is dark and slow with an almost imperceptible but omnipresent bassline.  The lyrics are honest, wavering between anger and remorse over love never given.

The visual primarily centers around Anderson looking deeply at the viewer through the camera.

This single is the title track from her upcoming EP, which originally thought to be called King Me 3.  Expect the project to drop October 30.