Well, well, EXID; where have you been hiding these vocals?

When we reviewed Street from this group last year, we said that fans might have found it to be pretty left field compared to their previous releases.  Well if that album was left field, this one has left the stadium because it this sounds nothing like the EXID that we have heard before.

Actually, no, take that back because we have heard EXID like this before…at least vocally.  This group has managed to do some serious masking of their rich, individual singing abilities until now but there were always hints of it (or more) of them on every release they’ve had.  The difference here seems to be the maturity of the production, as they went for a  more primarily acoustic sound with only hints of electronica in it, and the more substantive harmonies.  They have always been a group that did harmonize, but the choice of production often covered the sound up.  This time, all the vocals are up front and absolutely captivating.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to see fully translated lyrics yet, but from what we can gather there is a little bit of switch in tone in them as well.  Many of their previous tracks, especially their singles, have been either sassy, cheeky, or both.  There is are hints (from what we can understand) that they went in a more sensual and realistic direction for the content.  It gives them another dimension to their overall personalities and always something that they can use when the viral singles aren’t hitting them at the moment.

We said before that they have the potential to have really long careers if their talents a properly applied.  This is what we meant and we would love to hear more.

Our favorite tracks are Boy, Milk, and Velvet.  The most skippable track is Night Rather Than Day.

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