Why isn’t MicahFonecheck a thing?  Is he even still recording?

When the mixtape August Rush popped up in my RSS feed from DatPiff five years ago, the mixtape cover immediately threw me off (we’re not using it because it is click-adverse).  I was thinking, “What kind of music can I expect from something that uses two animals from a NatGeo video?”  This is why they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover because, when I did listen, I got a great pop&B mixtape.

Featuring artists like Kendrick Lamar, Omarion, Jhené Aiko, Treasure Davis, and John Mayer, MicahFonecheck not only laid out some good tracks from the time, they have managed to stand up nearly half a decade later (a feat for a lot of artists who are in the mainstream, let alone a mixtape artist).  There is a little something here for everyone; ladies, men, hustlers, and the booed-up.

One of the songs that has been hitting our sweet spot lately has been G.I.A featuring K.Dot.  The track has that vibe that is perfect for that spring transitioning into summer vibe.  The tribal drums at the beginning and are sprinkled throughout at just the right moments gives the track a lot of energy.  Micah and Lamar are kind of lowkey with the energy, but it works with the track because it seems like they aren’t desperate for the women they’re talking about and it comes off as confident.  The lyrics are solid and a contrast to the current foreign women craze that has been dominating similar tracks for the last…five years.

It’s never too late to hear good music.  Here’s hoping that MicahFonecheck is at least still working at because he has a lot of potential.

You can download the entire freelease by clicking one of the buttons below the player.