I was starting to think that we were never going to get more than a few one-off songs from Babylon.

Babylon has been pretty busy despite the fact that he hasn’t been doing a lot of solo work.  After his Paradise single (we didn’t post that one), he’s had quite a few features on hip-hop tracks and done some writing for and singing for his R&B friends.  We thought that, perhaps he was going to do more work behind the scenes, but then he just dropped this gem into our laps.

The first track is probably the most ignorable because it’s primarily an instrumental but, at the same time, it sets the  mood for the project like a good intro should.  Everything about this set is pure R&B with gorgeous vocals that trip the scale effortlessly.  Babylon actually has a fairly limited range, but you would never really realize that because he makes the most of what he has and uses them to the fullest effect.  He knows when to employ his speaking voice and when to let a good, strong adlib fly.  The production of the set is mid-tempo but every song has its own flavor and keeps you invested without making it seem like you’re careening from beat-type to beat-type.

The rap features are neither out of place nor a mood-breaker as they fit perfectly into their perspective tracks and give a little energy in case a listener might think that things are dragging due to the slower nature of this set.  Not that Babylon himself doesn’t keep things interesting himself.  Cloud has him adding a little trap to his delivery and track three (sorry, no translated name yet) has him using his falsetto pretty strategically to keep things varied.

This still isn’t an album, but it’s a lot more of what people have been wanting from him since Pray.

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