Some of us really didn’t think that EXID would make it to their first album release as it seemed that their first two songs seemed like mirror images of each other.  But deeper listens to both EPs showed that the group had something else to offer.

Enter Street, the group’s first full-length album.  Led by the nicely composed and different (for them) L.I.E., the members get a chance to showcase a variety of styles that allow them to show off some good vocals and a wider range of musical styles.  Sol Ji and Hani manage some great solo work while Jung Whe and Hye Lin share a strong solo.  Fans may not recognize them as they step up their game quite a bit and get beyond gimmicks.

And that will be the downfall of this album if it doesn’t do well.  This is so left field for a group that is known for their potential viral, fun, and sassy videos that happen to feature some catchy tracks.  This is so much more than a one-off and, while no where near perfect, shows the kind of depth that means a longer career if their talents are properly applied.  If their fans come at this expecting a plethora of insta-hits, they will be sorely disappointed.  Everyone else might see something they’ve never noticed about EXID before.

Our favorites are Hello, Cream, Of Course and Good.  The most skippable tracks are NyumnyumJjobjjob and Only One.