GOT7 finishes up their Flight Log series by taking things down a little (in terms of beat).

All of the EPs in this series have had a very different sound, so were unsure what to expect in terms of the vibe that the gentlemen would try to set.  What we seem to have gotten is something that is a little cooler in terms of production choices (with two exceptions) and a lot more lush in terms of vocals.

The production on this project is probably the strongest of the three in terms of variation.  Departure was probably the worst of three in terms of beatwork for the simple fact that most of the songs sounded the same once the vocals were stripped.  Turbulence was a little better, but seems to still be trying to find its way in terms of layering and sound effects.  Arrival manages to get things just right; enough variation to tell the songs apart but a consistency that doesn’t give the listener whiplash.

The set is on better ground lyrically as well.  Even a song like Shopping Mall, which sounds like it shouldn’t work when translated actually does (it’s about how the lady in question makes them feel like are awash in luxury and excess by her mere presence).  The illusions and metaphors aren’t perfect, though; Shopping Mall goes on a little too long and loses the thread in some places and Paradise isn’t a good fit as a title given the song’s content (even though we see what we going for).  For listeners like ourselves, who don’t speak Korean (well), you will probably be able to get past these small issues.  Hell, even a native Korean speaker will likely not have a problem with it as we’re sure some of the confusion is culturally-based.

Even the vocals are better.  There are a lot more harmonies and a lot more solos that stand out in terms of the sounds of the individual voices.  With the number of members in the group, GOT7 has suffered a little in terms of using everyone to their full potential in the past.  This project seems to rectify this problem so that everyone gets their chance to shine, but they still function as a group when it matters.

A good way to end the trilogy, you can say that GOT7 has arrived.

Our favorite tracks are Never Ever, Q, and Don’t Care.  The most skippable tracks are Out, because it doesn’t fit the overall vibe of the rest of the EP, and Sign because the vocals sound very lackluster.

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