One of the reasons that we gravitated towards Eric Bellinger in the beginning was that he could give you both ratchet and sophisticated sexy.  If Term 1 of Eric B For President was ratchet with some sophisticated mixed in, then Term 2 is sophisticated with some ratchet.

The entire EP has an island vibe thanks to the production choices and, for the most part, it works well.  The sound reminds you of good summer vibes and love without being too much of those things to be the wrong vibe for different times of the year.  Bellinger mixes up the autotuned and natural vocals very well and offers us more melody than we’ve gotten from some of his more recent work.

If there is one thing that some will have an issue with is that this is, for the most part, a slow jam heavy set.  While that is perfect for loving sessions all but the tracks near the end, especially Malibu Nights, are definitely time and mood specific.  Also, the “/” songs do you make you wonder if there is more to the shorter sides of the tracks, but that just a function of Bellinger making you want more.

Our favorite tracks are Know/Vibes, Island, and Coastin’.  The most skippable track is Treat Yourself because the subject matter of the track is off compared to the other tracks.

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