Featuring the soulful Parachute from 2015 and Beside Me from last year, producer Code Kunst returns with his third compilation album that features a series of deep cuts from some surprising (and not so surprising) artists.

And when we say a series of deep cuts, we mean pretty much the entire album.  From the moment this project starts out until the very last track, every song feels like the artists involved poured their heart and soul into the creation and Code Kunst was able to set it to just the right sound.  And while singers like Lee Hi, G.Soul, and Oh Hyuk are known for their ability to bring out the emotion of a track, you also have Mino, Loco, and Ugly Duck putting is some strong bars and really showing that there is more than just the fun of the tracks we normally get from them.

From what we can tell, the lyrics in the set hang together well and each seem to be very personal in their scope.  The English inserts are ear-catching, with Tablo telling us we can z-z-z in peace and Lee Hi telling us to call her our bitch, you are going to find yourself do some rewinding and heading over to KpopScene for full translations.

The production, for which Kunst is responsible, is solid.  There are few moments, depending on your audio setup, that you might catch some sounds that initially seem out of place based on the intro sequences, but you find that they settle into place as the tracks build and provide nice offsets to the vocal performances.  If there is one complaint that we have is that everything is very much of a similar speed (mid-tempo) so that, even though the tracks have different sounds, they begin to flow into each other because there is no variation in the pace.  The one outlier in that respect is Don’t Shoot Me Mama, which is also the only pop/rock track in the set and is cordoned off by the outro.

Despite that, though, this is a great album…especially for audiophiles.  It is an album that is mean to be listened to and not merely glossed over and you will find yourself enjoying every minute of it.

Our favorite tracks are the X, Fire Water, Parachute, Beside Me, and Don’t Shoot Me Mama.  If you absolutely forced us to pick skippable tracks, we would say More Fire for the simple fact that it is the lone instrumental in the bunch and Born From The Blue because there it just feels out of place in the sequencing.