Oh…this is much better.

We weren’t too keen on the first single from Trey Songz upcoming album, but Playboy shows more the melody and vulnerability that we were hoping to get from this project.  Singing about how, deep in his heart he wants to settle down, but the fun and bad bishes keep calling to him, this shows an awareness that we often don’t get from singers of Songz’s age or younger; the emptiness factor.  You can have all the woman and money you want but, at some point, you are going to need someone in you life (family, friend, lover) who is real with you and wants that realness in return.

The production of the track is lovely.  The intro melody has you in anticipation of what the singer is going to do and, thankfully, he doesn’t come in with a trap sound and an underlying trap beat.  Instead he gives some good vocals, very much in line with his first two albums, that are much more connected to the material than his previous performance.  The lyrics fit the singer’s style and age, but make sense and really do tell the story of a man at odds with his higher mind and baser instincts.  It’s nice to get this from Songz, who hasn’t released anything like this since Inevitable.

This is the second single from Songz’s upcoming album, Tremaine.