Luhan isn’t going to let those sweet eyes and innocent face keep him from calling out his haters, rivals, and sasaengs.

Luhan is no stranger to the up-tempo track that is meant to make you look at him differently.  He’s dropped some bars over a very sexual single and, this time, he’s let you know that he is not one to be trifled with.  We get the feeling that the meaning behind the title is supposed to be a variation on the “know your role” theme with the singer letting everyone know that they shouldn’t get out of pocket.  Either that or the “don’t mistake these good looks for weakness because you can catch these hands” theme.  Which ever he is going for, he manages no to take things too far over the top that he isn’t believable.

Vocally, this song is pretty par for the course.  Luhan doesn’t sound bad by any means, but the short length and style of the track don’t really allow him a lot of leeway in terms of showcasing his ability.  The track is meant to be fun and make you dance in your chair and it accomplishes that goal.  You may not remember it three months from now, but you won’t turn it off if when it comes on.

As for the visual, we are here for the choreo.  Luhan is incredibly light on his feet and tends to favor more graceful and swift moves when he performs.  This has him adding is some hard hits to better fit the vibe of the song and it works for him.  It kind of has us hoping for a non-lyric video for Lu.

Lyric translations are available in the video; no clicking required.