It’s been a minute since we able to post something from Code Kunst (we think there were some other songs released, but we couldn’t track them down) and Parachutes was one of those songs that ended up lingering thanks to the haunting vocals of Oh Hyuk.  Thankfully, Bewhy, YDG, and Suran do a comparable job on Beside Me.

The biggest surprise for us was just how few tracks the featured artists have done.  Many will recognize BewhY from the current season of Sbow Me The Money and he brings just as much heat as he did when he performed Forever.  Suran is a relative newcomer who has featured on a few songs before, including Mannequin by Primary.  YDG has had a handful of features and a couple of singles over the last few years but has remained primarily underground as an MC.  This is a combination that you would never think would happen, let alone seem like this a group that worked together multiple times, and they mesh wonderfully.  Suran has a smoky quality to her voice that matches perfectly with gruff delivery YDG and the confident flow of Bewhy.  Add to that the Code Kunst production that ebbs and flows, picking up and slowing the pace as each section progresses, and you have a song that ends up being better than its already good parts.

The decision to move this away from 1theK and make it a HIGHGRND exclusive means that we’ve lost the subtitles.  We’ll get you an English translation as soon as we can.