Tablo has been assisting in the jams lately.  Fire Water follows up the immensely enjoyable Cave Me In and could easily be seen as that track’s spiritual successor.  There is not only sound continuity here but subject matter, as both tracks are about the depth of love you can have for a person, just on different sides of the scale.  Cave Me In was more about the hesitance to fall in love; Fire Water is about wanting to jump in with both feet.

The vocals of G.Soul are solid and seem to be made for a track like this.  Although he spends a lot more time writing at JYPE than he does releasing music under his own name, we find that this is the first single that he actively features on that we have wanted to hear again and again.  He gives good energy and shows out without showing off, the adlibs being on point but subtle.  Tablo brings his deeper tones (we’re so used to how he talks to his daughter on The Return Of Superman that we sometimes forget what he sounds like when he talks to other adults) and gives the track some gravitas and a lot of confidence.  The two work well together and bring a gentle seriousness to the track that doesn’t bog it down in emo-territory but makes you really listen closely.

The lyrics (we seen a partially translated version) are good as well, going for the more poetic side of things.  There is a lot of metaphor here, sometimes a little too much as disparate imagery piles up some, but everything is understandable.  The I made your bed/You can z-z-z in peace line we mention in our review of Muggle’s Mansion is from this song and it the biggest, but not the only, takeaway from this track.  The lyrics are strong enough that they can be the main thing you remember after it is over.

We have no problem hitting the replay button and enjoying this again and again.

Sidenote: They are a lot braver than me; looking at how easily I could see Tablo’s breath during his scenes, I’d be damned if I’d be getting rained on in that cold studio.

We’ll bring you translated lyrics soon.