Not content to give us one track, Luhan doubled up on the tracks and we are in love with this one.

Taking things in a different direction than the first single from his latest release, this time the former EXO member gives us a slow jam about the being unsure of the words left unsaid.  We’ve all been there; you have someone that you love who has pulled away and you wonder if there is anything that you can or should say that would make them reconsider.  The singer does a good job of illustrating that frustration here.  The lyrics are solid and have concrete imagery associated with them that a lot of people can relate to.

The vocals, while more in the trap lane of melody than not, are a lot more complex than Roleplay and give the singer the opportunity to give a little more in terms of an emotional performance.  Luhan has always been light on the adlibs, but he still manages to make an impact on the listener.  He is backed up well by a great production that could easily stand on its own with its dynamic sound but does not overwhelm the singer as he does his thing.  It may not be the most memorable track long term, but it’s a really good listen.

Lyrical translations are in the video; no clicking required.