Back when it was supposed to be a kind of double album concept, Trigga and Tremaine were supposed to flip sides of each other.  Trigga was supposed to show the player of Trey Songz and Tremaine was supposed to showcase his serious, monogamous side.  It’s been almost three years and a couple of album and EPs came in the middle, but we are finally getting the side of Songz that a lot of women have been wanting to hear.

After setting things off with his latest Anticipation freelease, we now have the first official single to the album and…it’s okay.  The production is actually pretty nice with a mixture of hip-hop and R&B elements, giving the track a nice mid-tempo thump.  The lyrics aren’t bad either; they do a good job of storytelling Songz inability to settle down and the fact that he his playing games with his lady is jeopardizing his relationship and he knows it.

It’s the vocals that aren’t really selling us.  While we don’t miss those odd flourishes that Songz was partial to early in his career (you know what I mean), those songs also had the singer showing a lot of energy.  He sounds completely disconnected from the material; like he’s going through the motions.  We’re going to lay this at the feet of the melody of the vocals; for the most part they are monotone and lack adlibs.  This can work for tracks that fall into the trap range of sound, but for a melodic production it just comes off as meh.  The places where the melody decides to vary up are the strongest parts of the song and we wish more it sounded that way.  We’re going to see what some of the other singles sound like before we get amped for the new project.

We are interesting in seeing the rest of the story that this visual sets up, though.

Tremaine comes out March 24.  You can preorder it now.