We were worried having another Ailee comeback so soon after the last, but we are feeling this.

After she showed that she could be more than a one-style wonder with the release of A New Empire and the great single Home, we were worried that Ailee would slip back into old habits and go for that jazz throwback that she has done most of her career.  Well, she has gone for the jazz, but this is still a different sound for her.

Going for a more Al Jarreau-styled production and leaning more into her upper register sweetheart tones, the KoreAm singer gives us some effortless scatting as she sings about missing the man she loves.  The gentleness of her tone catches you off-guard when, as she enters the chorus, she just starts sliding up and down the scale like it was coated in oil.  The smooth sound of the music is calming and makes you just feel the need to nod your head as it set the mood (opposite of the subject matter) for a good day or evening.  The lyrics still have that air of bad translation at times, but it is much improved from her earlier work and some of it might be a function of the translation itself.

The biggest change we want to see from her now is fewer torch songs.  Like Mariah Carey, her discography is pretty heavy with breakups and heartache.  If she gives us an EP or album full of love songs, she is going to be undeniable.

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