Now this is what we’re talking about!

When Jacquees dropped Since You Playin’ about two weeks ago, we said that the set was alright but that we wanted more of the R&B side of the young singer.  Apparently he decided to grant our wish because Fuck A Friend Zone is right up our alley.

The key to this winning formula seems to be letting Dej Loaf handle the hip-hop side of this mixtape and letting Jacquees do his thing on the vocals because this satisfying.  While the songwriting is more modern in style (so cursing, if the title didn’t let you know up front), the style allows both the rapper and singer to be themselves on this.  Dej Loaf, while not coming with hard verses and doing a little more singing with autotune assistance, does add some flavor to the set and keeps things from going flat or getting too monotonous; Jacquees gives us what we wanted and really lets his vocals go, showing more of his maturity as a singer as his vocals are a lot stronger than we remembered and his adlib have that power that catch you just at the right moment.

The production is also really good here.  Every track has a slow jam essence to it, but there is thump for the hip-hop and beat lovers so that everybody has something to enjoy.  Songs also don’t overstay their welcome, each being just as long as it needs to be to get the point across and not seem like it just ends out of nowhere.  It’s also really cohesive considering the number of producers involved.

The lyrics are what you might expect (with the exception of Want Your Sex, which came out of nowhere with the nasty), but it’s enough for a love-night playlist.  This won’t be everybody’s favorite set this year, but everybody can find a song to put on repeat.

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