Leave it to Bridget Kelly to give me a full mixtape of amazing.

“Time flies when your making music and you forget about songs that you really like. These records are her favorites and she wanted to freeze time for a moment to let y’all take a listen,” read the statement on DatPiff.  Well, we have listened, and we are in love.

While we wait for her yet-to-be-released debut album, All Or Nothing, this set is comprised of the previously unreleased tracks that have come from her time on RocNation and as an independent.  Reminding us a lot of her 2011 debut set, Every Girl, this is an eclectic mix of styles that have a similar sound but different underlying driving tones.  A little rock, a little pop, and a touch of R&B combine to give you that genuine Bridget Kelly experience; excellent songwriting and soulful vocals over production that shows her to be able to dominate anything that she wants to conquer.

The production for the tracks is surprisingly consistent, though Carry My Cross, is a lot quieter than everything else on the set.  Everything is quality and nothing feels like and leftover or filler that just wasn’t good enough to be heard on a pay release.  This is an album experience in itself, and that all you can ever ask of any project of any artists, whether it’s free or not.  We would have gladly shelled out the dollars for this one.

Sidenote: There are a lot of sources that say Kelly’s album was released last year but, as we cannot find a single listing of it anywhere, we’re going with it has been delayed.

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