There is a song for every mood and SBVCE has come with the song for the mood that makes you post that petty I’m Good pic on Instagram.

Starting off with the vocals from Nate Curry, you get something that is trap, but a little more lighthearted.  Curry’s vocals, while covered in autotune, do fit the SBVCE beat and are a nice offset to the thump of the bass.  Tynethys’ flow finds a medium between that thump and Curry’s tenor.  He brings in the sing-songy rap verse, but the singing part is so lowkey that it just sounds like he has a melodic flow.  Baegod comes in last and she gives us what we have been wanting from her for a long time. Those sweetheart vocals, those just-under-the-surface adlibs, the lowkey sass; we love it all.  We are waiting for her to give us a lot more of this whenever she decided to drop that EP she promised us last year.

This is a track that sneaks up on you with how much you like it.  Definitely worth taking some time to listen to.

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