We have been in love with Gallant a long time, ever since Please?, so we are more than happy that he is finding success in the industry his way.

Performing Bourbon, Skipping Stones, and Weight In Gold from his ‘Ology album, you get the full beauty of this singer/songwriter’s voice as he performs without the aid of autotune or second takes.  This is something you have to highlight those transitions from falsetto to normal register and back are crisp, clean, and perfect.  We were having religious experiences listening to him perform Skipping Stones as the purity of his tone struck our ears–and our hearts–with precision.  It is twelve minutes that will absolutely take your breath away.

We need him to come our way in some kind of performance sometime soon.

Sidnote: Hello, Dani Ivory (She performed Jhené Aiko’s part in Skipping Stones)…we look forward to learning more about you.