Two years since the release of Zebra, the Gallant album is finally here!

Gallant has always been that singer that seems to understand the balance that the different components of a song have to have to make them work.  He has strong lyrics in place and teams them with engaging vocals and fitting productions.  His first album appears to be a culmination of that understanding as each song is crafted for its own entity but fits the overall theme of the album; the deeper thoughts of a man in love.

This album also shows how well-rounded the singer is when it comes to his musical stylings.  We have come to know him primarily for his ethereally-produced tracks carried by his lilting falsetto but many of the tracks have production that, while still soulful, are more upbeat and songs like Shotgun have him coming down from those vocal heights and giving us a strong tenor.

It is really hard to pick favorites off this album but, if we are absolutely forced to, we would pick Jupiter, Bourbon, Counting, and Miyazaki.  There really isn’t anything all that skippable here, which is primarily added by the fact that the album is sequenced well and each track feeds into the next creating a feeling of flow.

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