Jaebum…how dare you?!

For those who don’t know, GOT7 leader Im Jaebum writes and produces under the name Def Soul.  Well, unbeknownst to us, he opened his own SoundCloud account about a month ago and just dropped a whole lot of R&B goodness on the world.

A lot of us are used to the soulfulness of JB vocals, but we are still pretty accustomed to them being over a more poppy production style.  This is true, deep, R&B; full of sexy vocals and sexy production.  What we understand of the lyrics (good translations can be hard to find), they seem to hang together well and have a more adult content without leaning into the explicit (for America) range.  His tone and ability to carry a track is solid and he is able to change the mood with just a switch in delivery style, showing him to be capable of more than just a one-not performance.  The production is pretty solid as well, starting off a little more pop&B and ending with the pure sin of Bad Habit.  This is an excellent solo reveal and we are sorry we didn’t see it sooner.

Having taken a look at Def Soul’s writing credits, it makes sense that we like this so much.  He’s at least partially responsible for some of the best tracks that GOT7 has released.  We don’t know why he’s calling this set 1/? Vol. 1, but we hope it’s because there’s more on the way.

We’re working on finding a download source for this.  We are determined to get a copy of EP.  In the meantime, check under the player for a translation of our favorite track on the set, Bad Habit.

Bad Habit Lyrics