Using a sample from Luther Vandross’ Never Too Much, DJ E-Feezy gets three very different but very compatible artists on a transition-into-springtime collab that will be played a lot more when the temperature heats up.

All three artists do a great job on the track.  Fab sets the tone well with his mellow flow and solid bars.  Rick Ross does his thing as well and, as the verse is focused on his favorite subject of cash, it all hangs together well.  K. Michelle shines bright with her great vocals and energy and really ties the track together.

Our biggest issue is that, outside of K. Michelle’s verse and chorus, this song is not about love as much as it is about money.  At first I though that that was the focus of the track; that they were speaking about the crazy love they get from all the money they flash, but it doesn’t connect at all as the two rappers don’t speak about any kind of love at all.  This song would have been a lot better if the lyrics had lined up and we hope that K. Michelle does a solo remix because she could knock this out of the park.  Beyond that, it’s a solid dance song from R&B lovers thanks to the upbeat production, but lyrics really limit the replay value.