One of the problems with doing reviews of Kpop is that, for the most part, the music is untranslated and it can be hard to find out anything about artists that come from smaller companies.  Unfortunately that’s true of our new heat-seeker of an artist, Limzy.

Making his debut on Vlue Vibe Records, there is literally nothing on him besides the single.  Fortunately for him, this track is really good.  Sounding like it could have easily been a part of another singer’s recently released album, the vocals on this are the star of the show.  He has just a little bit of twang in his tone, giving him a unique sound that stands apart from a lot of his contemporaries.  Not that the production is bad either.  The tinkling piano on top of the deep, throaty bass in a great sound.  Meshed with Limzy’s emotional vocals, you get a lot of punch on something that is really very smooth.

We have a feeling that he might get more attention when the inevitable Crush or Zion.T team-up happens (they do have a similar vibe) but, for now, we at least have this.

Hopefully we will get some translated lyrics for you soon.  Stay tuned.