And people thought that being in the YG dungeon for a year would have put him of his game.

We weren’t the only ones eagerly awaiting Zion.T’s debut on YG, but there was some confusion about what style he would utilize for it.  After his showcase on Show Me The Money 5, there was as much chance that we would get a bombastic hip-hop album as we would his usual, neo-soul style.

What we got was a beautifully, mostly jazzy with a bit of pop EP that will put the listener in a really good mood for the rest of the day after hearing it.  The singer does drop a few bars on the single The Song and Beenzino and G-Dragon comes in with brief verses for Sorry and Complex, but this is the Zion.T that so many people have known for a while and fallen in love with.  He sings with that mellifluous yet deceptively easy-going voice that makes his music come across as off the top of his head, even though we know he labors over his lyrics.  And the lyrics are pretty solid.  There are few moments where we seemed to get lost on the meaning, but we think that’s more to do with the translation gap than anything else.  Teamed with the production with vibey and yet extremely varied in tempo and execution and we have an early contender for album of the year.

Our favorite tracks are Cinema, Sorry, and, The Bad Guys.  The most skippable track is 2015 due to the fact that it breaks the vibe set by all of the previous songs.

Sidenote: We wish Comedian was longer.  It’s also really good and ends before it gets started.