Dondria Nicole has one of those voices that sticks with you because it’s so effortlessly beautiful.  She doesn’t have to show out or give you endless runs to let you know she can sing, she just does it.  Her latest song, though, goes a lot more lowkey on the vocal end…at least, for the first part.

Options has the singer letting a wayward lover know that he’s not the only game in town for her and to get right before she steps away.  The song depends heavily on the trap singing-style, so it doesn’t end up standing out in the beginning.  The lyrics are pretty much what you would expect as well, not giving you anything new to hang onto or make the song memorable.  Where things start to get interesting is on the second verse where the songstress starts to let loose a little and the adlibs come into play.  They aren’t overdone, but they are the highlight of the track and they make the listener, who may have been drifting away after the first thirty second, snap back to attention.  We wish more of the song had this feeling.

The production for the track is a bit of a mixed bag.  The slow and sensuous intro gets you into things, but the overlaid effects on the bridges and chorus are little disconcerting and can make the song sound off-kilter and Dondria sound off-beat.  You get used to it after the first time it happens, but it does throw a listener off.

It’s not a bad song, but it doesn’t end up being all that memorable either.  That’s a shame because Dondria deserves better and can handle more when it comes staking a claim.

Sidenote: This version isn’t bad, but we’re a little more partial to the acoustic version.