He did it again; not quite what we were expecting considering what we got from Interlude.

If there is one thing we will say about Crush in the post-Zion.T breakup era is that he’s a lot less predictable about how each new projects sound.  Not that the two singers are all that disconnected; both are working with DΞΔN.

And that’s what we seem to be getting from this new EP, the Club Eskimo influence.  A lot more R&B and smoother production that borders on jazz.  This EP doesn’t bump, but it does vibe; bringing that smooth, fall weather influence that seems to be just perfect when the wind blows and the leaves fall.

The vocals are good here and will take a lot of Crush fans back to the when they heard Crush On You.  He brings more technique and emotion the songs, opting for production choices that enhance the natural tone of his voice instead of burying it.  There is not autotune and we get what we have always liked about Crush, his passion for the music.

Lyrically (from what we can tell), this also a little better than the last set as there seems have been more of a concerted effort to take him back to his roots and what fans initially loved about him.  The words for each song have a lot more poetry to them and connect on a different level than just surface.

Our favorite tracks are 2411 and Fall (for which there is a translated video, if you’re interested).  The most skippable track is Nostalgia due to the short runtime and the somewhat unfinished feel it has about it.