Rationale is a UK artist who is currently headlining his own tour and he has came out of nowhere and just blown me away with Vessels, his previous single.  I play that record constantly and shared it with a lot of people.

Then New Music Friday hit and he dropped Reciprocate, which also turned out to be an excellent record.   Reciprocate is one of the most innovate and uplifting love songs I’ve heard in a long time.  It follows the normal lyrical formula for a R&B record but infuses freshness to it with the disco production.  In the song, Rationale tells the woman he loves that he is willing to give her everything he has to make the relationship work, but he needs her to do the same in return.  The singer has an interesting tone of voice, it’s not bad or anything like that, but it does have a bit of an Aaron Neville quality to it in that it seems like it’s coming from his throat gets a little stuck there.  It makes the listener sit up and take notice and you really latch on to what he’s saying all the more.