Now this is more like it, Red Velvet.

We’ll be the first to say that we weren’t overly impressed with Red Velvet’s last outing.  Sure; the vocals were fine (the day Red Velvet gives me generic vocals is the day I give up on them completely), the EP was just lacking the oomph of their previous releases, no matter whether it was the red or the velvet side that they were showing us.  Considering that the group had put out three unique projects over the course of 2016, we thought that maybe they were starting to burn out.

But this new EP shows the possibility of a return to form as they give us a little more of that “it” that separated them from other female groups out there.  Not entirely; this sounds like a meld between Happiness and Automatic in terms of production for most of the tracks, but we are getting that flavor that we loved so much in the beginning.

The most important part is that the production is a match for the excellent lead vocals and maxed-out harmonies that the members immerse us in.  Each lady has begun to distinguish herself from the other thanks to tone and performance style, which is saying a lot for a group that the management set up to indistinguishable from member to member.  Solos are full of personality and the harmonies show how well those personalities work together, especially on a track like Body Talk, which is heavier in terms of production than any other track on the album and group still stands out like champions with their performance.

Having to depend on our rather elementary Korean translation skills, the songs seems to be pretty good in terms of lyrics.  There are a few sections that we can’t seem to make any sense of but, until we get full translations (which we will post here), we will blame that on us and not them.

Our favorite tracks are Rookie, Talk To Me, and Body Talk.  The most skippable tracks are Little Little and Last Love.