Why were people worried about Zion.T again?

Ever since it was announce that Zion.T would be leaving Amebo Culture for YG Entertainment, there has been a collective losing of shit by fans of the singer/rapper who thought that this spelled the end of unique style and solid output (and that’s not even including the Crush/T heartbreak).  Some thought that he would be making tracks ala Big Bang or Ikon.

And then episode five of Show Me The Money 5 happened…

After making a killer entrance, the first of two songs that the singer performed conformed to his most well known style, R&B.  While he talked a little smack and bragged about working with some of the industry’s vets and hottest up-and-comers, this is pretty usual for the style of music he has always done.  What killed the night was the second song.

Coming out with team member Kush, the two performed a blazing rap track (we’re guessing titled Machine Gun) that was helped by some much better than expected bars from Song Minho.  Leaving a lot of the audience in awe, the three showed that pigeonholing any of them is the last mistake you want to make.

We’ll put up a version with subs as soon as it become available.