It’s that time again!

Last year, when we came out with this list, we were unsure as to how it would go over.  We love watching people who know what they are doing get on the floor and move, but we notice that a lot of Western artists have moved away from intricate movements and dynamic choreography because…swag.

But you guys liked it, so we thought we’d do it again because…swag.

The rules are the same as before:

  1.  We can’t have posted on the dance practice before.
  2. The dance can’t have appeared in more than 75% of the official video.
  3. We haven’t posted a live stage where the dance was performed in its entirety.
  4. It has to be performed by the artist(s) who perform the song.
  5. Sexy movements/shaking do not equal dancing!

So, in no particular order, we present to you the dance practices and performances that took our breath and our lives with their strength of movement and ability to make good (or bad) songs better.

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