This year (2016) has been, it’s fair to say, crappy.  From pop culture to politics to world events, it’s just been one blow after another…and we haven’t been immune.

Thanks to staffing changes, we haven’t been able to post as much or as often as we would like.  Real-life schedule changes meant that we started way later than normal (usually in the afternoon).  And new jobs and classes meant we had less time to listen to all our submissions, leaving a lot of them to languish in our inbox.

If you’ve been disappointed, you’re not alone.  With the exception of the site revamp (we do love the new look), nothing has gone as planned.  So, in the hopes that 2017 will be moderately better than 2016, we are making some promises that we are going to do our damnedest to keep.

  • This will be our last post until December 31, 2016.  We’re going to come with our lists and recaps, including some stuff that we didn’t (or couldn’t) cover.
  • Starting January 2, 2017, we’re going to start posting regularly; at least five days a week, three post a day.
  • We going to answer all of our submission.  We’re going to prioritize the new submissions, but we’re going to get to them all.  So if you submitted to us and hadn’t heard from us, you will.
  • The full introduction of the #MoodMuses will be coming in January.
  • New (and returning) site contributors.

New Years are the chance for a new start and we hope that you will join us on ours.


Thanks for sticking with us,
Kelcine (The Management)