One of the things that any kpop fan will tell you is a plus of loving the genre is the fanservice.  No, not the ab flashing, air humping, and winking aeyagos; it’s the little extras the artists give that make it seem like they appreciate the fact that you spend your money and/or time on them.  One of our favorites is the dance practices; the videos that get posted on YouTube for free that show off the steps that are either going to be a part of the video or the live stages.

There are a few rules to this:

  1.  We can’t have posted on the dance practice before (goes without saying).
  2. The dance can’t have appeared in more than 75% of the official video (for instance, as good as 4Minute’s Crazy dance practice is, the official video essentially shows it in full).
  3. With one notable exception, we haven’t posted a live stage where the dance was performed in its entirety (so Big Bang’s Bang 3X won’t be here because the live stage shows the dance in full).
  4. It has to be performed by the artist(s) who perform the song (so no dance covers by Akkun Xia or snippets from 1Million Studios).
  5. Sexy movements/shaking do not equal dancing (so no Bambino Oppa)!
So, in no particular order, we present to you the dance practices that made us either fall on our face practicing the choreography or actively had us giving the song (and its perspective artist(s)) a second listen.