When it comes to covering music on this site, one of the things that has always been a difficult thing to balance is where to commit our time.  We by no means consider ourselves the arbiters of what is popular, but we do realize that choosing to pay attention to one artist means that we have less time to give to another.  When it comes to great music, every little push we can give to those we think did great work means that they are that much closer to breaking through the noise of an oversaturated industry and reaching that fan base that will keep them viable long into the future.

This year, we really wanted to get into the albums and EPs that we loved because there seemed to be so many artists out there who are going for expediency of release over quality of work.  We know there are a lot of people who complain that it seems like most music isn’t made to last…and they’re right; it’s not.  But there are those who put a lot of effort and thought into their craft so that you will be listening to it in a year or more.  We think they deserve to be acknowledged.

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Note: Unlike last year, copyright issues keep us from bringing you the albums in their entirety, so we posted (our favorite) two tracks outside of singles from each.