Now this is what we’re talkin’ about!

We were iffy on Jay Park latest R&B comeback, Stay With Me, simply because it lacked the color and fun of his previous singles while not adding any real depth to balance out the effect.  It looks like we don’t have to worry if the rest of his upcoming is going to fall in the same vein because everything we got today was everything we ever wanted.

Replay proves that Jay Park has a lane as an R&B artist and it’s the sex jam.  Not that that’s a bad thing; everyone needs a good one every now and then.  He just manages to bring the right attitude to this type of track and his vocal exude the confidence you want in a lover without going overboard.  The Cha Cha Malone beat also helps with the mood as it brings in the throb with the bass teamed with a sensuous melody to help balance things out.  We’re ready for this album now.

Everything You Ever Wanted comes out October 20 in Korea; that probably means October 19 for those west of the international date line.  If you just can’t wait to hear another full track, check out the English language I Don’t Disappoint or the Korean and Elo-assisted Turn Off Your Phone (Remix), as some version of both will be included on the album.  Also check out Pre-listening Party 1 and Pre-listening Party 2 for some way too short snippets.

We have pop!gasa on replay…

First, lock the door girl
Cuz this song is rated R
Focus now
Listen carefully baby to what I’m saying
Take off your t-shirt first
Take your pants off too
Don’t take off your underwear
Leave your bra and panties on
I wanna burn you up a little more
Don’t move and close your eyes

Imagine my tattoos touching your body
I’m standing here so keep looking at my body
Tonight, I wanna make your bed into an ocean
Back stroke
Front stroke
I wanna fall, I wanna fall into you

Oh no, if you get lonely
Turn this song on
But only you listen to it, only you

Oh This is for your ears only
You have to listen to it alone baby

Replay all night, all night
Replay all night, all night
Replay all night, all night
Until you get that feeling
Put this shit on REPLAY