If you didn’t know, Bruno Mars was the musical guest on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live and, while he brought his latest outing to the stage with his first interlude, we were more interested in the jam that he performed in the second one.

Chunky is about the singer and his band looking for the ladies with the curves who are ready to slide with them for some fun.  While the song has elements of LL Cool J’s Around-The-Way Girl in the lyrics, the overall feel of the production leans more to the old-school legends (at the time) in tone.  That contrast is important as the lyrics still have that modern edge to them, but it’s not so abrasive thanks to the delivery.  It links well to the previous single thanks to the fun tone and style cohesion, but it’s not a redux of Uptown Funk, which was our biggest worry for this project.

Be prepared, though; when the track is released, it will likely sound very different due to the use of a live band for this performance.

It seems that this Mars album is going to be a little more eighties’ R&B inspired.  Both songs that we’ve heard have that vibe.

The album, 24K, will drop November 18.