Ugh…RapMon and them damn dimples!

After Rap Monster had to take some downtime due to an injury, the entirety of BTS is back together for a comeback stage and they do not disappoint.  Performing three tracks from their new album for M Countdown, the group shows that their choreography is a good as ever and their live vocal performances have improved.  With promotions for the first half of TMBMIL, the group either just chose to lipsync or deliver shaky vocals to the backtracking.  This time, while the backtracking is still there, you can here them clearly and quavering has stopped (for the most part).

Fangirls and fanboys should be prepared and not be lulled in the by the cuteness of the first two stages.  They will kill you with all the thrusting in Blood, Sweat & Tears.

You can check out the full album here.