Suran follows up her strong feature on Code Kunst’s Beside Me with a deep house solo track meant for the transition from summer into fall.

Paradise Go is one of those tracks that brings you in as soon as it starts playing thanks to the mellow EDM bassline that gushes from your speakers/headphones.  It’s matched by the songstress’ sweetheart tones as she goes a little lighter to emphasis the fun nature of the theme.  Not that her vocals get shallow, though; she still has a full and confident delivery.  The lyrics convey the kind of fun paradise that is made all that much better when you are with someone you love, making it easy to find paradise anywhere.  It’s the kind of track that is perfect as you begin to cool the summer playtime and ease into a still warm but stable relationship.

If there’s one complaint we have about this track, it’s the use of autotune on the bridges.  Suran has one of those voices that too much autotune can hurt and those sections make her sound like she’s underwater.  It kills the relaxed vibe of the track when it happens and it can take the listener a second to get back to the mood she’s trying to set.  Beyond that, though, it’s still a pretty good track and worth a listen.

Click the [CC] button in the player (when it becomes visible) to see the translated lyrics.