Seriously, Korea; why is he not a thing?

Rico is one of the few artists that we feel compelled to post one even though we almost never get translations to his songs (because he’s not popular enough).  His vocals are just so good that we want to get him out to as many people as possible.

And this time is no different.  To promote is semi-new single, the singer has recorded an acoustic version of the track where he can let himself go.  His vocals are the selling point of this song as he brings passion and skill to his delivery with his seductive tone.  Be very careful; if this is the first version of this track you’ve heard, it actually might spoil the original for you a little bit.

Rico has been putting in a lot live performances lately.  While some of the songs are his famous Ricovers, there is a lot of new stuff that I don’t recognize from his discography.  Hopefully that means that he has a full project on the way.  The Slow Tape (his first album) is good listen and needs a companion.

No lyrics yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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