It’s Crush day here at Kel & Mel.

Released in conjunction with his 9 to 5 visuals (in fact, the two join together at the end of this and the beginning of that), the title track to Crush’s new EP is probably the most sexually implicit thing we’ve seen in a while.

Crush’s vocals are a sensual rush.  The softness of his tone make sit feel like he is whispering to you; but there is a sweet shyness there that makes the lyrics feel romantic and innocent.  About him being completely overwhelmed with the awesome love that his lady either is putting down or he dreams she will put down, the singer lets her know that he can’t get the image of their bodies entwining out of his head.  The interesting thing about the lyrics is that all of this meaning is implied; there isn’t an single explicit mention in the entire song.  The video more than makes up for it, though, with tons of metaphoric imagery that evokes the thought of sex.

Quick warning; the flashing lights at the end of the video might cause problems for people with epilepsy or who are prone to seizures.

Click the [CC] button in the player to see the translated lyrics.