This is a collab that we didn’t se coming but we absolutely love!

Lili K gave us the jazzy and soulful Ruby last year and Lorine Chia has been stepping up her musical presence over the past year will some really strong singles and a freeleases in the alt. R&B spectrum.  Help falls somewhere in the intersection of their two styles, showcasing the strengths of both.

About wanting to either improve or end a relationship that has become stagnant, the lyrics of the song are packed with meaning while also being easy to understand.  Lines like and now we’re only remembering memories and you wanted love but you gave me lust really speak on the internals of what is going in the situation in a deeper way than just listing all the ways that things don’t measure up.  The contrast between their two voices is nice and something that you don’t often see between two female singers; Lili K’s vocals are very smooth and flowy while Chia has more grit and emphasis on certain words.  Usually, in a duet, Chia’s part would have been done by a male singer to create that contrast.

The coming together of these two ladies is something special and shows what can be accomplished when artists think just a little bit out of the box.

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