Our new submitter is the definition of a known unknown.  Having collaborated with Chance the Rapper, Vic Mensa, Lorine Chia, BJ the Chicago Kid, and Thelonious Martin, this jazz/soul songstress has a voice that enchants but can’t always be places with a face or her own work.  That is about to change with new album, Ruby, which has so much musical goodness in it that it made our morning.

Making the listener feel like the have a front row seat at Blue Chicago, Lili K’s vocals are a wonderful mix of subtlety and strength with her controlled vocals style that doesn’t overpower the ears.  The real instrumentation has its own personality and the singer does a good job of working with it.  There is as much emphasis put on lyrical cohesion (which is good) as there is lyrical styling, which gives some songs that bee-bop feel.  The entire ends up with a chill, romantic vibe that makes it fun to share with those around you on a good night.

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