Last week, Queen T released her latest album, Gemini 2, and we have fallen in love.  Featuring the single KawiBawiBo and the absolute affirmation anthem Champagne, the album had the effect of surprising us with its upbeat and loose feel while still coming with the solid lyrics and strong performances.  It also introduced us to single that we missed have to bring to you now.

This is one of those songs that just catches you with its overall bop-ness.  There is a friendly mellowness to it that gives it that feel good air but the backing tambourine and thumping bass keep it from sounding too light.

And, of course, we have to comment on the vocals.  Yoonmirae is one of those singers that has steadily improved her abilities over the years.  She has never sounded bad, but there is a confidence and skill in the subtleties of her tone that makes a song like this work.  She could have gone all in on the adlibs but it would have been overdone; at the same time, it she had done less it would have been a boring listen on top of the jaunty beat.  She found the sweet spot and made this song work as only she could.

Junoflo’s contribution is short but a good insert.  We haven’t seen a translation yet, but the English sections lead us to believe it’s a little silly but still has resonance to the substance of the track (we’ve heard the fully English version, but we know it was re-written some to fit the beat and make sense).  He adds a nice baritone sound to the mostly upper-register track and works well with the mood despite the slightly increased pace between his flow and her singing.

This track is highly replayable.  It’s perfect for summer days when you’re out with your friends, or cool nights when you’re chilling with that homie that’s more than a homie.  It’s surprisingly all-purpose and you can’t ask for more than that.

As for the album itself, we wholly recommend it.  We have always loved that Yoonmirae has as strong a rap side as she does a singing side, but she really gave it all to us this time around.  We were never disappointed in any song that played; the slower jams never stopped the flow dead or the harder tracks never seemed out of place (a hard balancing act to pull off).  We are adding JamCome On Baby to our digital copies because it needs to be included, but it’s a solid set and deserves support.