Using the title JamCome On as a play on the Korean phrase for ‘wait a minute’, the singer/rapper asks her lover to take a second so that she can tell him just exactly how she feel about him.

The song feels a lot shorter than it actually is, which is a good feat for a slow song that is asking you to seize the moment and let the love flow.  Queen T’s vocals are a perfect watch for the laidback beat as she effortlessly mixes singing with some nice bars that show confidence by also a little vulnerability.  The production has a nice throb to it while still being melodic enough to work with a theme like this.  The underlying beat provides a sense of urgency that might not exist otherwise as well as gives the song a sensual overtone.  The lyrics are simple but effective and come off as someone who wants to let their feelings be known before another moment slips away.

There is an English version of this track that people are using as the official translation for the Korean version of the track.  We don’t think there’s a one-to-one translation, so if we run across the actual Korean lyrics, we’ll post them here.

Update: 1theK has provided a true translation of the track and the difference between this and English version is significant.  The Korean version makes it seem like she has a lot more trouble reaching him and so the urgency with which she asks him to wait is all the more important to the story she’s telling.