Rapper Rico Nasty just released her new album and we kinda like it.  It’s not something we could play everyday, but we can ride to it if we are in the mood to feel a little badass and want the world to know.

Probably the most accessible track for people who aren’t hardcore hip-hop heads is the first single, Countin Up.  I would never call the track pop, but it is more pop than a lot of what follows it.

It has an infectious production that really serves to make it work as well as it does.  You can tell that this is a trap beat, but the melody elements (while still deep) are much brighter than what you expect from your typical trap track.  If you had to pin us down on a style that it reminded us of, it would be a cross of Pharrell and Timbaland; lots of bounce with non-natural instrumentation at the forefront with a runner of bassline underneath.

Rico goes hard on the beat while still keeping things light enough to match the mood.  She flows with a lot of confidence that is underlined by her raspy delivery that is still feminine but has a “don’t fuck with me” edge to it.  It’s also one of the few places on the album where she really varies up her flow from her normal staccato for an entire song (minus the chorus).

It’s a solid track that serves as a good introduction for her to those who are unfamiliar and shows some evolution in style to those who have rocked with her since the beginning.