BJ The Chicago Kid always gives you one.

If you are familiar with a large enough swath of the The Chicago Kid’s discography, you know that he tends to make songs on a spectrum that range from R&B deep cuts to psuedo-pop ballads.  And while we are fans of almost everything he’s done, our favorite tracks are the ones that give off the dual-mood of romance and sexuality.  There was Aiight from Pineapple Now-Laters, Real Love Never Dies from The M.A.F.E Project, Love Inside and The Resume from In My Mind, On My Way To Your Heart on The Lost Files, and now this.

The fronting vocals and backing harmonies are the core of this track as they are present for almost every moment of it and barely let up to let you breathe.  There is an almost choral quality to them when they overlap, coming across full, deep and seductive every moment.  But the delivery of singer as he brings in those deep runs and adds all of that earnestness to his delivery draws you in and satisfies the soul

The production is deceptively deep in terms of melody instruments.  When it starts out, you hear the opening strings and piano with the occasional tinkling bells, but it’s compounded by a plucked bassline, an ethereal flute, and an almost imperceptible harp.  The combination of all this gives the song an interesting lilting quality despite how low on the register the totality comes in.  What took us a few listens to pick up were that there are only two seconds of drums in the entire song (1:54-1:56).  It’s pretty rare for a song with this many instruments not to have any drums or high-hat for rhythm-keeping but we suspect that the plucked bass is serving that purpose.  It gives the song a different feel than what you expect and makes the moment when the drums kick in really stand out and emphasis the words at that moment.

There is something that rings true about the lyrics.  One of the Chicago Kid’s best attributes as a writer is that he manages to merge the everyday and poetic into songs that really work for the listener as something a person might say.  Most people know someone that can expound some beautiful points but just can’t help but to throw a curse word or two in there for good measure; but that’s what makes them charming to us and makes what they say resonate all the more.  That same principle seems to be at work in this song as the occasional curse word doesn’t really bother you and never feels out of place.

This song is addictive.  Once you hear it, it becomes really easy to keep replaying it.  We recommend a big dose of it for you next night of love because it will be a pleaser.

This track comes from BJ The Chicago Kid’s new three-track EP, The Opening Ceremony, which just dropped.